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101 Things a Translator Needs to Know

Autor: WLF Think Tank
101 Things a Translator Needs to Know 101 Things a Translator Needs to Know is a book for beginners.

It's also a book for seasoned professionals, students and teachers. For freelancers and staff translators. For amateurs and experts, generalists and super-specialists - be they certified and sworn, recognised, authorised...or simply tantalised by translation's potential for a varied and enriching career.

The authors are all successful translation professionals in fields ranging from highly technical to literary. Here they share insights and tips about what translation involves and how a professional translator needs to think, work and act when dealing with clients and colleagues.

Über den Autor: WLF Think Tank is an ad hoc organisation, a virtual body of experienced practising translators that has met as the WordLink Forum at frequent intervals since 1995 to discuss the state of the profession. Its members include keynote speakers at translation conferences, teachers of translation and prominent exponents of the profession on three continents. Among those who have contributed content to 101 Things a Translator Needs to Know are the following:

Paul Boothroyd
Carmelo Cancio
Chris Durban
Steve Dyson
Andy Evans
Janet Fraser
Catherine Anne Hiley
Ian Hinchliffe
Inga-Beth Hinchliffe
Hugh Keith
Terence Lewis
Bill Maslen
Terry Oliver
Nick Rosenthal
Ros Schwartz
Rannheid Sharma
John Smellie
Lois Thomas

Seiten: 222
ISBN: 9789163754111
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
Preis: 15,00 € (inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten)

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