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Through the Client's Eyes

How to Make Your Translations Visible

Through the Client's Eyes
Professional translators swear by the quality of their work. This is how they stand out, and why they are leagues better than machine translation. Yet clients may have difficulty seeing the value that translators add to achieve their communication goals and how translation services differ from each other.

If you're a serious, ambitious translator in the area of business communication, this thought-provoking guide will show you how you can make the quality of your work more visible and emphasize the added value that your service brings. The author believes this is something that translators can learn from graphic designers. Translation is about words, graphic design is about images, yet the purpose of both is communication.

This book offers a practical, experience-based approach. It shows you how to view translation from the client's perspective in order to see a bigger picture and go beyond simply converting “source texts” into “target texts”. The aim of the book is to help you to become a better translator – teaching you step by step how to create a competitive advantage, break away from the pack and, ultimately, enjoy greater professional success.

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Valerij Tomarenko
Über den Autor:
Valerij Tomarenko studied English philology and linguistics in Russia. Since moving to Hamburg, Germany in 1991, he has been working as a full-time German-to-Russian and English-to-Russian translator, primarily in the fields of management consulting and corporate communications. Valerij is a member of the BDÜ (German association of translators and interpreters), aiic (International Assosiation of Conference Interpreters) and tekom, Europe's largest professional association for technical communication. He is a contributor to publications with a focus on translation quality and marketing for translators, and also writes on his own blog Anmerkungen des Übersetzers (Translator's Notes).
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