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Translation Quality in the Age of Digital Transformation

Edited Volume

Translation Quality in the Age of Digital Transformation
As we enter the age of digital transformation, we are all faced with the task and the challenge of clearly transporting the hazy notion of translation quality into a world dominated by concepts such as key figures, artificial intelligence and automation. The increasingly clear manifesta-tion of the fault lines between digital transformation and the redefining of our profession and work environment on a daily basis gives way to numerous discussions. The collective volume you hold in your hands, represents a strong link between theory and practice. On the one hand, it reflects findings, tips, strategies and suggestions from day-to-day work, but on the other hand also addresses basic theory and of-fers a reflective and multifaceted way into the set of issues surround-ing quality and translation: dimensions of translation quality, factors that have a significant influence on translation quality, importance of the elements of the translational ecosystem for achieving translation quality, application in practice.

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Jean-Marc Dalla-Zuanna, Dr. Christopher Kurz
Über den Autor:
Jean-Marc Dalla-Zuanna studied German philology at Sorbonne University as well as translation and terminology at I.S.I.T. in Paris, France. He obtained a degree in French, German and English in 1986 and has been working at Volkswagen Language Services in Wolfsburg, Germany, since 1987. He is a senior expert in the fields of translation quality assessment, supplier management and risk management.

Dr. Christopher Kurz has worked as a translator, project manager and translation manager for various companies on the TSP side and the client side. Since 2016 he is Head of Translation Management at the German wind turbine manufacturer ENERCON. As a member of ISO TC 37/SC 5/WG 1 Translation he has been involved in the development of several translation standards (e.g. ISO 17100 and ISO 18587) since 2011
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